Hello world!

The last few years, working in a few web agencies, building php based websites and managing hosting for most of them, I started to think about a tool for managing websites that would be very simple for the end user and it would use a modern way for hosting.

I want simplicity, as within how the people I met and work with would want.

I want modern technologies, like Docker involved to provide the behind the scenes solution.

I want not to lock the user on a Panel and mostly I want him to be free of the classic Shared Hosting concept.

Docker is the new way, Docker is the future way.

And my tool, should help my target users, the non developers, the non sysadmins, but the one passionate people that build beautiful websites using WordPress, Drupal or Ghost to benefit from a tool that is more human, more understandable and that takes away all that technical part they do not understand.

So, I’m working on CMS Pods, a tool that allows you to put a website on one of the popular Cloud Hosting Platforms, like Digital Ocean.

More information to come as the app evolves.

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